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WAIT is this you just liking the post or wanting me to follow you on it?

Cause I followed you on it LONG AGO partner!!

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nonetheless Ivan I really do hope that you and your loved ones can stay safe!!

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i’m sorry today’s been so shitty

Aah, thank you both very much! It means a lot tome, and I appreciate it greatly! We’ll try to! 

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we all love you too, Ivan. /holds tight!

Thank you all too Syl! /Hug! Thank you all for your support, it really means a lot to me, and you’re all wonderful I love you all!

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ivan you use that picture so often I’m like 80% convinced that’s what you look like IRL. bowlcut and all. your fists are eternally clenched so you just pound on your keyboard to type while your face is stuck in that expression permanently

Why does everyone envision me as Coconut Head gosh darn it

Coconut Head is pretty rad but

I unfortunately do not have a bowl cut!!

The part about the fists clenched on the keyboard is true though how did you know Jade are you some sort of internet PSYCHIC

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wow no my plate is litERALLY EMPTY ARE YOU KIDDING ME IVAN!!!!!

Shhh it’s fine, even you considering your plate to be empty you still can’t leave everything to the game mod, the players themselves have to exert some sort of effort to make things easier or else it just won’t work out well!  Jade you’re fine and if this is dirty work then we don’t mind gettin our darned hands dirty okay, shhh these guides are pretty easy to make!

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no it didn’t seem like you were trying to push anything on me at all!! it’s more that I feel bad making other people do the dirty work for me……!!

Shhh Jade, you’ve got a whole ton on your plate as it is! This isn’t dirty work, because sometimes the group itself has to help smooth things along, especially with something as plot driven as this! Shhh you’re fine! If we all don’t pitch in then this won’t work too well to begin with!

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yea that’s probably something I should do isn’t it……!!!!

Nah, it’s okay, I think we could all individually do it! I’d be plenty okay with doing it actually since I have my Memories of the Escape files and all!

I’m sorry if it seemed as though I was trying to push that onto you, it was just something that generally seemed as if it would help smooth things along and I’d be more than happy with doing it! I like re-exploring the rooms it’s fun okay

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(astrea had a vague delinquency streak when she was younger too I’m) but anyways idk I enjoy reading your drabbles!! I think you do have a talent for stringing words together

Sol and Dinah are actually pseudo siblings it’s confirmed they will bond over their bad attitudes, motherly instincts and delinquent juvenile pasts together I swear

what is this nonsense from your hoo-hah, aaah thank you very much but I think that we all know that I write like a silly 14 year old boy (hint: it’s because I am a silly 14 year old boy) but shoosh thank you this stupid darned teenager appreciates it nonetheless!!

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ummmMMM it’s your call I guess?? if you have a reply in mind I don’t mind if you want to reply and then we can wait for Hedy?? I just don’t want her to get pushed out of the thread or something daslkfdsjl

Yeah definitely, I love Jinkies-san and definitely don’t want her to be pushed out, so I won’t make my response too long or ignore her presence in them! It’s just that she’s really focused on something else at the moment and I don’t want to bother her with this right now!

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yeah I agree with you there but it’s more just in case they suddenly regain interest and want to join back in; while I’m not opposed to someone pulling a Snake and not-actually-dying, I don’t want four people doing it???

Hmm well, I’m assuming you’ve already messaged them about it? If they don’t respond or haven’t, then really, that’s their own fault then. If they’re not going to have the courtesy to let the mod know whether they’re interested or not when given the opportunity, then that’s really on them and there’s not much we can do about it!

Yeah, I definitely understand that, but if it gets to a point where it’s holding us back, then we’re definitely going to have to drop them or something because this is starting to inconvenience not only you, but the rest of us as well!

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funny because June would be a codename for a person with bracelet 6 guess what bracelet number Dinah has (they can be suspicious together or provide alibis for the other??? idk) (idk if I’m even killing off inactive players or not)

Wow he literally was saved by Junesus in that case!!

I think it’d be a better idea to kill off the completely inactive members entirely, considering they’re really out of the loop at this point? I’m moreso referring to the ones who have only made one post, and haven’t interacted with anyone, but we can’t really drag them around and act as if they were never there at this point so! Not to mention it would add an interesting fear factor, but that’s entirely your decision!!

if that does happen then they’ll provide alibis for each other because they’re both motherly butts who care too much for others